National Collections

PBG’s campus will house multi-faceted collections with a focus on biodiversity and preservation; it will feature genera collections of unprecedented diversity through the National Plant Collection Scheme (NPCS). NPCS allows the Garden to focus on creating a repository for entire genera to be studied, propagated, distributed, and displayed for visitors, researchers, and others. Our NPCS benefits endangered plants and people that live in their region through distribution and education.

Selected Community Stories

The City of Portland is full of stories and PBG wants to document and share them widely; stories are important for building a better community, city, and world. Common ground, shared experience, and collective memory all allow us to bond as a society. This program is closely tied to Cultural Nights and First Nations Exhibits and will work with local communities, gardens, horticulture groups, and organizations to display their stories throughout the campus.

Educational Exhibits With First Nations Tribes

PBG will offer a place for First Nations and indigenous tribes to tell their stories and share their knowledge of local plants and how they can help human beings. PBG will connect with native people of the Pacific Northwest to curate cultural gardens, exhibits, and classes that display and teach about the important roles plants have served and offer a platform for cultural celebration.

PBG is a place that welcomes and celebrates all plants, people, and possibilities.


Like all other botanical gardens, PBG will offer both walking and audio tours to its visitors. These tours will serve as vehicles for shared stories and educational material that goes beyond what is readily available on placards throughout the campus.