Speaker Series

The PBG Speaker Series will host experts from a wide range of fields, including climate scientists, innovative educators, community leaders, prominent botanists, and others. These lectures and speakers provide a low-commitment way to stay informed and educated offline and outside of a formal educational program. The Speaker Series will enhance PBG’s regular educational programming and offer a deeper learning experience.

Winter Light Show: All Things Bright and Botanical

During Portland’s winter season, the Garden will host a winter light show in which trees, conservatories, buildings, and the gardens will be illuminated. All Things Bright and Botanical will maintain year round interest in the Garden when many of the popular exhibits are not in bloom. Each year PBG will host a call for a local lighting designer to create that year’s display. PBG’s vision is that this event could collaborate with the Portland Light Festival and Zoo Lights.

Summer Nights in the Garden

During the summer, PBG will offer discounted Garden grounds tickets to the public so that they can enjoy warm summer nights on the grounds for an outdoor movie or event. This program is included in membership, but will also be offered at a low cost to the public as another enticement to bring the people of Portland together.

Annual Gala

PBG will host an annual gala to celebrate and harness the generosity of its supporters. The purpose of the gala is to ensure the preservation and on-going support of PBG. All funds go directly back to support PBG by means of programming, maintenance, facilities, and preservation work. Major donors will have the opportunity to have conservatories, buildings, programs, or gardens named after them.

Collection Expeditions

Botanists receive funding to collect plants from around the world, returning with seeds and cuttings for distribution and propagation. Collection expeditions are possibly one of the smallest and easiest programs to fund. Collectively, PBG has hundreds of international connections who have expressed interest in donating to PBG.

This program will:

  • Increase the size of the PBG collection
  • Protect endangered and threatened species by giving them a backup location
  • Allow PBG to trade and distribute plants/seeds/cuttings with other botanical gardens around the world
  • Build connections with international communities

Late Night PBG

Every month, PBG will host after-hours events for adults 21+. Late Night PBG will include a wide variety of activities including after-hours visitation, evening classes, art exhibitions, and dance parties and DJs—complete with bar access and late night food. Late Night PBG will attract a wide range of attendees, further expanding community and inclusivity.

Venue Rentals

Hosting paid, private events is an effective way to create revenue that supports the maintenance of our facilities and programs. Events run the gamut from work retreats to weddings to auctions, which will introduce new people to the Garden.

Culinary Event: Food and Flora

Food and Flora is an after-hours event that can be won through monthly raffle drawings, or auctioned off during fundraiser events. A group of people will be given the opportunity to enjoy a meal made by a renowned local chef, as they dine in the Garden. By bringing in passionate and innovative culinary masterminds, we can bring the world of fine dining to PBG supporters.

High Tea

High Tea is an event that revolves around taking someone special out to tea in the garden. The program creates a beautiful space for visitors to connect with their guests among plants while drinking tea provided by local tea makers, and eating pastries provided by Portland bakeries.