Each space on the campus will serve more than one purpose to the Garden and all communities, solidifying the idea that this is a place for people, plants, and global connection.


Some of the PBG horticultural collections will be located in glasshouse conservatories while others don’t need that kind of protection. The glasshouse conservatories will feature distinct, climate-controlled sections to provide the ideal conditions for each collection to thrive.

Mid-Size Venue

Portland is in need of another venue space for community events and gatherings and PBG will make that a reality. The mid-size venue will host galas, conventions, organization gatherings, and private events, which will solidify PBG’s place in Portland as a community space as well as a garden. By making the venue rentable to private parties, PBG will gain revenue from hosting events on the grounds.

Welcome Center

The PBG Welcome Center will serve as a free-access cultural salon of sorts that will feature information about the Pacific Northwest bio-region and its history. There will also be information about the other public gardens of Portland—and Oregon—focusing on their stories and significance within the city’s history.

PBG will support local businesses through rental spaces (food trucks, gift shops, nursery, etc).

Points of Interest:

  • Exhibits about the region
  • Information desk
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Tea room

Gift shop

The gift shop will strive to support local business by featuring products produced in Portland and highlight the local nurseries in neighboring communities.

Other Buildings

  • Physical plant
  • Propagation houses (off-site at Cistus Nursery)
  • Quarantine spaces (off-site at Cistus Nursery)