Urban Green Space

Portland, Oregon is a green city and within the past few decades, there’s been a shift in how people value the urban garden. We believe that urban green space is important for the sustainable future of Portland–and every other city–because everyone needs a connection to nature. Maintaining a slice of nature reminds us of where we came from and the beauty and resilience of the plants around us. It’s healthy and educational to have spaces amongst the asphalt and concrete when you can rest and lounge in.

Importance of Green Space

Whether it’s communal veggie gardens, ornamental houseplants, or public gardens, everyone should have the opportunity to experience nature. Urban green space offers a break from the harsh industrial sights, sounds, and smells of a city, without having to leave city limits. It gives humans a space to connect and bond in community, education, and cultural contexts. Urban green spaces can provide stress relief, food, and opportunities to learn about and reconnect with nature.

The Urban Issue

So many residents in America’s cities do not have access to green space, and that’s a problem. As more apartment complexes are built, many don’t have a backyard or even a balcony. And while a plant on a windowsill can be a great start, we need to continue to build public urban green spaces that will educate and inspire those that live in or visit Portland. 

Better Quality of Life

Urban green space is crucial for childhood development and improved quality of life in our senior population. These two groups of people don’t always have access to the same resources, transport, and destinations that others do.   

Kids learn about how and why plants grow, and what they can do to take part in a greener human experience. Urban green spaces inspire children by giving them the opportunity to see how they can create life from a simple bean.

Older people in assisted living don’t always have access to green space either. They have their rooms and communal spaces, but there isn’t much choice when it comes to finances or food. Urban green spaces give seniors the opportunity to be in nature without traveling too far. 

Let’s bring back what we lost when we collectively went indoors.