Building PBG in the 2020s allows us to implement modern, green initiatives into our operations plan on the ground level. Given that Portland is the “Green City,” we hope to enhance its status by pioneering unique and sustainable landscaping, architecture, and operations in hopes that the facility will be carbon neutral before decade-end. To accomplish this, PBG will become a proving ground for sustainable and environmentally responsible practices and technology.

A Greener Future

We want to become a testing ground for alternative energy and sustainable practices, providing information and data to other botanical gardens, attractions, and cities to benefit from. We plan to test new technologies for utilities and businesses that have an interest in more environmentally friendly practices. 

Better Buildings

As a new organization established in a critical time for our planet, we’re taking this opportunity to find the newest and best ways to meet the demands of sustainable architecture, power, and development. 

Better Gardens

Nothing is placed in the Garden without considering its effect on the environment. Our selective plantings serve several purposes including teaching opportunities about our ecosystems. We want to build a garden that will participate in the conversation about how we can move forward as a society to keep our planet safe.