Kids are important to us here at PBG, and we see the benefits of reconnection with nature from a young age. Some local schools are fortunate to have outdoor gardens, but most do not, especially in lower income areas. PBG will offer a variety of learning programs, field trips, and opportunities for primary and secondary students to participate in. Offering uncomplicated, accessible, educational programs for each age group will give every child the opportunity to explore the world of plants. PBG’s resources and educational spaces will provide the necessary tools and spaces to local K-12 institutions so they can begin teaching about nature and our planet from a young age.

Plant Programs for Kids

Unfortunately, many kids are disconnected from nature for a number of reasons. We’ll provide opportunities for them to reconnect with the natural world in interactive and educational ways. We hope to inspire the next generation to embrace nature and sustainable living by empowering teachers to use plants and nature as a tool for curriculum.

Next Generation Botanists

We hope that our K-12 programs and opportunities inspire kids of all ages to consider horticulture and botany as a potential career path. Unfortunately, careers in plant sciences are fading from society, when in reality we need them now more than ever. Not only will we support future generations in following their interests in botany and horticulture, but we’ll also do our best to make these career paths accessible and viable to everyone.

Further Information

We’re in the process of developing our educational strategies and connections with local and regional schools. Please stay tuned for more information about our future K-12 offerings. If you have any questions, you can email our Education Director, Michael Hyde.