PCC – Rock Creek

Portland Community College’s Rock Creek campus is one of our early educational relationships. This location has a unique Landscape Design program that allows students to not only hone their landscaping skills, but also to learn more about plant identification and horticulture. It has a 3.6-acre Learning Garden on a 260-acre campus that features woodlands, wetlands, grasslands, and farm animals.

Plant Photo Databasing Project

In 2021, PBG began an internship with a student at PCC – Rock Creek to create a final project that met her course’s requirements for plant identification. The project began in partnership with Cistus Nursery and involved identifying and categorizing 45,000 plant photos. Cistus Nursery gave PBG complete access to Sean’s photo collection and use permission in exchange for the creation of a mutually beneficial database for both organizations to use.

Continued Work

While the project officially ended with PCC later in 2021 after only 5,000 photos had been identified and organized, the student wanted to continue working toward sorting all 45,000 photos. So far, she’s helped us add 10,000 photos to our internal database, which will ultimately be used as needed throughout our website, social media, and promotional materials.

Our PCC intern’s identity is kept anonymous.