National Collections

We plan to make PBG a repository for vast collections of threatened plants from around the world through our National Collections program. This scheme will center around building complete collections of genera that can be used for conservation, research, and education.

Studying Adaptation

Having a near complete collection of a genus allows for the study and teaching of adaptation and evolution. We’ll have access to the DNA of most of the species in that genus, making it easy for other institutional partners to source materials through our sharing network. It will also allow us to teach about how and why the species vary so much across the genus.


Amassing near-complete collections of species from any given genus also allows us to maintain a safe haven for those that are threatened and endangered around the world. We’ll be able to use our facilities to produce seeds to be sent back to a plant’s home region to assist with population regeneration. We also plan to join 68 other institutions in partnering with the Center for Plant Conservation, an organization that helps to build National Collections for America’s most threatened species. It’s through this network that we hope to <<<preserve the imperiled species>>> native to our backyard—the Pacific Northwest.