Green Space

While PBG’s campuses will feature several buildings, one of the cornerstones of the project is to maintain or increase the amount of green space accessible to the public. Green space that doesn’t feature gardens or exhibits can be used for picnicking, reading, dancing, playing frisbee, or any other outdoor activity. Concerts, outdoor assemblies, and outdoor classes will be held in our open green spaces, making them versatile and accessible to all. PBG is first and foremost a public garden for everyone to enjoy, which is why visitors are encouraged to stay for a while and make a day of their visit. 

Outdoor Event Space

There isn’t a lot of accessible green space in Portland that hosts arts and entertainment events. Parks around the city may have similar spaces, but they can’t always accommodate big crowds—our institution was built to handle large masses of people. We see the importance of outdoor gatherings in large, open spaces, so we plan to provide space for concerts, art shows, farmers markets, dance parties, weddings, and more.

Accessible Areas

Part of our extensive green space will be free-access to better ensure that local communities can enjoy parts of the Gardens without needing to pay for a ticket. Making parts of the Gardens free will help make us a more inclusive institution. It will allow us to prove to our neighbors that we’re motivated to truly be part of their community as both a resource and a recreational space. We plan to make these areas easy to get to and accessible to the disabled.