US West Coast

These displays and plantings are inspired by places that our own residents are most likely to encounter in the wild. They’re the habitats right in our backyard. A large portion of this biogeographic collection will consist of plant communities from Oregon and the surrounding Pacific Northwest region west of the Cascades. However, it will also feature many selected plants from the similar climatic regions of California that are found west of the Sierras.

Raising Awareness

Teaching understanding of these places and how easily they can be accessed encourages a sense of place and pride in our home. These displays will be planted near others inspired by similar climatic regions from around the world. Observing and comparing plant adaptations, communities, and commonalities will help us better understand their importance in nature and their potential in local horticulture.

Selected Zones

Pacific Northwest

  • Willamette Valley
  • Oregon Coast
  • Western Cascades
  • Southern Oregon
  • Redwoods
  • San Juan Islands
  • Mount Washington


  • Northern California Coast
  • Southern California Coast
  • Western Sierras
  • Bay Area