Regular Rainfall

Despite our dry summers, we’ll feature selected collections of plants from areas of the world that receive regular, year round rainfall. Sustainable irrigation and water catchment systems will allow us to maintain these collections through the hot and dry summer months. Plants in our Regular Rainfall displays come from all over the world, but these bioregions are mostly temperate. Plants from warmer, wetter, and more tropical areas will be housed under glass.

Temperate Wonders

Walk through our Regular Rainfall displays and discover everything from broad-leaved evergreens to complex bird mimicry. Enjoy a new perspective on the collection every season as the colors and shapes of every plant change throughout the year. See the plants that North American gardens have come to rely on, but this time in the context of other species from their native ranges.

Selected Zones:

  • Southeast Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Eastern South Africa
  • South Asia
  • East Asia