First Nations Gardens

We recognize that PBG will be built on stolen indigenous ground and we plan to work with the First Nations tribes and communities living in and around the metro area. We believe that it’s absolutely crucial that we include and consult the indigenous peoples who have lived here for millennia. We hope to provide these communities the opportunity to share their current and historical experiences and horticultural teachings with us and those who visit PBG.

A Drop in the Bucket

We also recognize that we are not perfect, but we intend to try our absolute best to be an ally and a resource. We understand that PBG will not solve the issues that indigenous peoples face, and our intended and hopeful involvement with local and regional tribes and communities is not for publicity. However, we do hope that these gardens give ample opportunity and space for First Peoples to share their own stories, how they want to share them, in a way that does not misrepresent them or their cultures.

Potential Garden Themes

These cultural gardens may include, but are not limited to: native plant foodscapes, heirloom agricultural plots, and ceremonial plant displays. We hope to use our platform on the international stage to dispel misconceptions about the current experiences—and past history—of our neighboring First Nations by sharing their stories

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