Demonstration Gardens

In addition to our main campus, PBG will also operate several demonstration gardens around the city that present a variety of different topics of horticulture and botany. While some of these will be scientific, others will be cultural and developed by the communities that they hope to elevate.

Climate-Adapted Gardens

Our climate-adapted demonstration gardens will provide spaces that can be used to display alternatives to current, less-sustainable trends in both public and private plantings. These plots will display how plants more compatible with our climate can be organized and planted in attractive and functional ways. We hope that the information gathered through studying these demonstration gardens will help those living in Portland and its surrounding Pacific Northwest cities to rethink the way that their green spaces are planted.

Cultural Gardens

The Pacific Northwest is home to a plethora of cultures and communities both immigrant and indigenous. We believe that PBG should not only be inclusive of everyone, but also co-developed in a way that provides a platform for cultural exchange. Our cultural demonstration gardens will be co-developed with local and regional communities to give them a space to celebrate and display the significance of plants in their cultures.

Learn about our planned First Nations Gardens:

Find out more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion here:

Educational Gardens

As an institution that offers botanical and horticultural education programs, we will provide extensive demonstration gardens to study. Our different demonstration gardens will give visitors, students, and professionals a look at different communal plantings to better understand how they function and interact.