Satellite Welcome Center

The welcome center on our satellite campus will mirror the one on our main campus in a few ways. The main difference being that the future campus has a building that will be renovated and repurposed to house exhibits, refreshments, and our Marketplace.

Accessibility and Free Access

Like our main welcome center, our satellite welcome center will be accessible to the public without the need for a paid ticket. The building will remain open during the regular operating hours of the satellite campus. This will be another place where people can spend time without needing to purchase food, merchandise, or admission.

Exhibits About the Ecosystem

Our satellite campus will be located on the forefront of <<<land and habitat rehabilitation>>> projects, which gives us the unique opportunity to teach about it. Through a relationship with an undisclosed partner, we’re able to give visitors a front row seat to environmental restoration in action. Within the welcome center, visitors can access free exhibits that document and teach about the work that’s being done on the other side of the gate. 

Exhibits About Agriculture

Agriculture is a big part of Oregon’s identity and we’d be wrong not to include information about humanity’s relationship with crops. These exhibits about agriculture will teach about the history of agriculture in Oregon in addition to general concepts like artificial selection and genetically modified organisms.

The Good Grub

Our satellite welcome center will also offer several different kinds of food—not as many as the main campus, but enough to provide a decent choice to visitors. We will offer rental space to local food vendors at this campus.


Learn more about the future PBG Marketplace here.