Other Buildings

Like any other botanical garden, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes. Not all of our buildings will be accessible to the general public. Some of these facilities will be on our main campus, but most will be at the satellite. Some partners have offered to convert their space into facilities to assist with certain needs, but those relationships are not public at the moment.

Physical Plants

Just like the mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells, our physical plants are the workhorses for our campuses. These facilities keep our lights on and ensure that everything is heated and running all year round using sustainably-sourced energy. To find out more about where we hope to source our power from, click here to learn more about our sustainable initiatives.

Propagation Houses

This is where the magic happens. Every botanical garden needs propagation facilities to maintain their collection. Most of our plants are propagated in our own facilities, but occasionally we receive donations from nurseries, institutions, and other botanical gardens. These donations must meet our collections policy guidelines before being accepted and accessioned into our collection.

Quarantine Houses

Any plants that come in from outside of the country, state, or even our gardens, need to be quarantined for a few months. We need to ensure that all plants are healthy, clean, and pest-free before bringing them onto one of our campuses. This is how we keep our collections safe and thriving for your enjoyment, appreciation, and education.