Food & Drink

At PBG, we do food and drink a little differently—we do it the Portland way. We’d rather support local chefs, food carts, and restaurants by leasing them space on our property, than hire a catering or cafeteria service. We’ll also host food and beverage events and courses as part of our regular programming.

Food Carts

Visitors will be welcomed into PBG by a food cart pod in the parking lot, which will feature several different cuisine options. Hookups in the pod will be subleased out to carts that are interested in serving food at the Garden. Since the pod will be outside of the ticketed area, visitors that came for the food can decide to visit the Garden, too.

Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant in the Welcome Center will be leased to a local restaurant that’s interested in having a location at the garden. While the food cart pod will have a sitting area outside, the indoor restaurant will mainly only feature indoor dining. This eatery will also be located outside of the admissions area so that it can function as a restaurant independently of the garden, outside of PBG’s operating hours.

Beer, Wine, and Other Alcohol Tasting Classes

Alcohol is made from plants, which makes PBG the perfect place to offer classes that teach about both taste and origin. Learn the history of scotch or how we got vodka from potatoes—the possibilities are endless.