Desert Conservatory

Inside the Desert Conservatory, you’ll find plants from arid regions of the world that are incompatible with our climate. Plants from these desert regions receive little to no water each year, but do not experience the temperatures we occasionally reach in the winter. Another reason why these plants are growing indoors and not outdoors is because we receive too much water during our rainy months to keep them dry enough.

Life Beyond Water

We hope to showcase the incredible world of desert plants while teaching about mimicry, drought adaptation, and bizarre evolutionary hotspots. Admire everything from giant cacti to cryptic succulents and bulbous geophytes. There’s a stunning amount of diversity in Earth’s deserts and this conservatory will give everyone the opportunity to see their life cycles firsthand.

Selected Zones:

  • Eastern Cape of South Africa
  • Western Australia
  • Fog Deserts of Northern Chile
  • Interior Mexico
  • Madagascar
  • Socotra