Rehabilitation for Incarcerated Individuals

Individuals released from prison have a much more challenging experience finding work than those who do not have correctional records, and that’s a problem that PBG wants to help fix.

A Catch 22 for the Formerly Incarcerated

Re-entering the working world with a history in the justice system is challenging—even impossible—for the formerly incarcerated. These individuals still need to make money to feed their families and pay their rent or mortgage when they get out, but the black and white nature of many background checks can make this discouraging and dangerous. As housing and food prices continue to rise, without better options for work, previously incarcerated individuals may have to resort to criminal activity to just pay their bills. This creates a cycle that hurts and tears apart families and communities all around the United States.

PBG Offers Another Option

Just because someone has a history with the justice system doesn’t mean that they’re no longer part of our society and communities. They have the same motives to work and make money that anyone living in the United States does—to feed themselves, their families, and to exist in a changing landscape that is becoming more hostile. At PBG, we want to give the formerly incarcerated the opportunity to work a real job; learn valuable life skills; reintegrate with society on their own time; and interact with natural spaces in a way that they haven’t been able to do in years.

Expansion of Existing Programs

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel or risk not doing our best, which is why we plan to work directly with those local organizations to create a rehabilitation program that will help previously incarcerated individuals get back on their feet. Similar to how we hope to provide a platform that elevates the voices of those who are underrepresented in our communities, we also hope to elevate and expand upon the amazing work that other nonprofits are doing in the region. At PBG, we’re all about joining forces for the greater good, and that’s how we plan to position ourselves on many issues facing the world right now.