Diversity & Inclusion

Portland and its surrounding region is home to many vibrant and diverse communities that will be offered the opportunity to be part of PBG. As a botanical garden on the international stage, PBG will offer a platform for the voices that are often underrepresented in our region and beyond. We want everyone to feel welcome at PBG, but also represented in ways that they approve.

Just the Beginning

We’re building the scaffolding and capacity that will allow us to bring in professionals and leaders from all communities. We want to ensure that indigenous leaders have a voice in what we are doing. We believe that only those who are qualified to speak about their fields and/or experiences should be the ones who plan the aspects of the Garden that directly represent them and/or their field. 

Flexible Programming and Need for Compensation

Many of our programs—including our cultural gardens and First Nations involvement—will be living and evolving as we are more readily able to hire and compensate representatives of those communities. These programs and gardens are not written in stone and experts can—and will— be brought into the fold at any time to adjust how they exist on our official plan. We hope this commitment to compensation and flexible planning acts as reassurance that we’re including those who represent local marginalized communities in this project.

DEI Statement

We plan to share our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement here when it is ready to be made public. To be sure that it’s visible and readily accessible to all, we’ll place a direct link to this page on our homepage. Thank you for your patience as we continue to evolve and grow as an organization.

Future Offerings

To learn more about how we’re including those with underrepresented voices, you can explore our website for more information. Here are some selected web pages that may be of interest: