We want to make sure that we’re supporting and serving our surrounding communities as best we can as an educational institution, a job creator, a platform, and an enjoyable, local attraction. To accomplish this, we plan to integrate ourselves within our nearby communities and give our neighbors the opportunity to be part of the conversation. We plan to use our resources and spotlight to share high-quality community space and entertainment to all those who visit.

Earth is Our Neighborhood

Portland has never had a space like PBG before, and we want to take this unique opportunity to build something that will connect Portland with communities beyond our own. Building community is about connection and sharing, and as a botanical garden on the international stage, we want to foster connections between our local communities and those beyond our city limits. First and foremost, we will always be a Portland institution, but we have a duty to both our city’s residents and the humans of the world to protect, teach, and share all that we have access to. 

More Than Just a Garden

As a new, major community hub in Portland, we see an opportunity to use our space for more than just plants—entertainment, cultural appreciation, and storytelling will be part of our focus on people. Imagine visiting PBG on a warm September afternoon and enjoying a showcase of local artwork while a marimba band plays their setlist on the front lawn. PBG is more than just a garden, it’s a cultural experience.