Portland is one of the only major cities in the United States that does not have a proper botanical garden on par with those that were established decades or centuries ago. This type and scale of botanical garden has never been attempted in Portland’s history, until now. PBG aims to stand on the international stage amongst well-known industry giants—partnerships with many of these gardens are in the works.

Something Spectacular

Not only does Portland not have a true botanical garden, but it also doesn’t have any conservatories with immersive horticultural experiences. New York has the Haupt, London has the Palm House, and San Francisco has the Conservatory of Flowers, but Portland needs a charismatic, architectural centerpiece amongst its skyline. If we hope to build upon our city’s strong tourism industry, PBG needs to provide something internationally unique and attractive. We believe that the City of Gardens approach adds significant value not only to PBG’s vision, but also the collective visions of all of Portland’s public gardens.