Mobile Education

Mobile education is a big part of our early plan to bring plants and education to kids who don’t have easy access to nature. Kids from lower income parts of Portland don’t have the time, resources, or ability to go out into the Pacific Northwest wilderness. Field trips can be expensive, so PBG will visit schools around Portland and its surrounding suburbs.

PBG in Your Backyard

Our mobile education program will feature a vehicle that brings plants and instructors to schools so they can teach classes in a hands-on fashion. Classes that sign up can come visit us in the parking lot and see what we’ve brought to teach about. Accessibility is one of our core values here at PBG, and our mobile education program aims to provide unique opportunities to kids from all backgrounds and parts of town. While the PBG campuses will be accessible to disabled visitors, mobile education provides an alternative for those who cannot easily cross the city.

More Than Just For Kids 

Our mobile education program will also visit other places like assisted living homes, foster care homes, hospitals, homeless shelters, and correctional facilities. Everyone can benefit from an opportunity to reconnect with the nature around them and learn a little something about the plants living there. We hope that our mobile education program will inspire everyone to take stewardship of the Earth.