One of the driving forces of this project has always been the need for an inclusive and accessible community hub for all. A place where anyone can participate, learn, and share what plants mean to them and their culture and community.

Our Green World, For All

It’s more than just about the plants for us. At PBG, we want to recognize, celebrate, and make space for the people and cultures that have deep connections with our natural world. People and plants do not exist in a vacuum, and the complexity of humanity’s relationship with nature is one that should be spoken about and taught.

A Need for Access

Over the past 30 years, we’ve seen many of Portland’s most vibrant and diverse communities get pushed out of city limits. Portland has become one of the top places to move to in the United States, but the influx of new residents has driven the cost of living high and higher every year. We want to bring these communities back into Portland by asking them to be part of our mission. PBG is a community gathering place for everyone from all walks of life, so we plan to have a strong focus on inclusivity and accessibility. 

Providing a Platform

As a premier botanical garden on the international stage, we will have access to resources, support, and connections that some of our communities do not. Our goal is to provide unique opportunities to our local and regional community leaders to use our spotlight as a platform for their voices.