Michael Hyde

Pronouns: he/him

Michael Hyde is a K-12 educator who specializes in Maker Education, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) integration, and project-based learning. His progressive philosophy and teaching style encourages creative confidence and curiosity. While many educators talk about “empowering students and giving them a voice,” he believes that students are already empowered and they already have a voice. It’s the work of the educator to provide students with opportunities to wield their power and voice so that they can create any futures they imagine.

Michael believes that a joyful and inclusive education is a right for all and is committed to dismantling the barriers that deliberately and systematically exclude BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, neurodiverse, and disabled communities from accessing that right. He believes there are infinite ways of knowing, learning, and living; each must be honored and each deserves space in the classroom and beyond.

In addition to teaching K-12 students, Michael hosted observational opportunities in his makerspace classroom for inquiring educators and school administrators. Michael has designed and delivered professional development workshops for teachers, school administrators, school districts, and nonprofits interested in developing innovative and accessible Maker Education and project-based learning programs.

Michael enjoys birding; biking; dog agility training; kayaking; paddle-boarding; obsessing over his houseplants; playing the piano; gardening; growing far too many tomato starts than he could ever plant himself; and volunteering for the Produce for People program at his community garden, where he cleans and organizes the shared tool shed with alarming frequency. Mostly, he’s just a very curious person who collects hobbies as a hobby.