Other Contributions

If you’re interested in donating non-financially to PBG, we do accept several different types of contributions. If your contribution doesn’t fit within one of these categories, feel free to email our main office for further information.


Right now we’re in need of some extra hands on deck as we continue to make PBG a reality. If you’re interested in volunteering your time and skills to help our cause, please visit our careers page to see what kind of open positions we’re looking to fill.


We’re always looking for more content! If you’re a writer or creator who’s interested in submitting content for our Journal or social media channels, please see our guidelines on submitting a story.

Business Inquiries

If you or your business are looking to sponsor or partner with PBG, please contact our Executive Director, Kate Bodin.


If you are looking to donate resources to PBG, please contact our Executive Director, Kate Bodin.


Plant donations are handled by the head of our Horticulture department, Sean Hogan.