PBG will offer a variety of learning programs, field trips, and opportunities for primary and secondary students to participate in. Offering uncomplicated, accessible, educational programs for each age group will give every child the opportunity to explore the world of plants. PBG hopes to inspire the next generation to embrace nature and sustainable living by empowering teachers to use plants and nature as a tool for curriculum.

Field Trips

Through our extensive plant collections and bio-regional gardens that represent the entire globe, there are endless opportunities for immersive and transportive field trip experiences. PBG will offer several field trip experiences to people of all ages and interests.

Teacher Training

PBG will offer a teacher training program that both trains and unites teachers from all over Oregon. We will create teaching guilds by providing a centralized hub for peer support and resource sharing. Our program will not only provide curriculum, it will build relationships between learning institutions and existing local, national, and international educational programs.

Hands On Plant Science (HOPS) Teacher Training

HOPS is an existing and successful teacher training program created by the Friends of U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, DC. PBG will use this model as a foundation to build a customized training experience for Oregon Science Teachers.

PBG Bot Bus

The PBG Bot Bus is a mobile herbarium and laboratory that brings PBG educators and plants in many forms, from places near and far, to communities all over Oregon. From pre-schools to high schools, from maker’s markets to festivals, we will inclusively share a sample of our rich collections to diverse populations.