Cultural Education

Educational Exhibits With First Nations Tribes

PBG will offer a place for First Nations and indigenous tribes to tell their stories and share their knowledge of local plants and how they can help human beings. PBG will connect with native people of the Pacific Northwest to curate cultural gardens, exhibits, and classes that display and teach about the important roles plants have served and offer a platform for cultural celebration.

PBG Speaker Series

The PBG Speaker Series will host experts from a wide range of fields, including climate scientists, innovative educators, community leaders, ethnobotanists, and others. By sharing ideas and stories, PBG speakers provide a low-commitment way to stay informed and educated offline and outside of a formal educational program. The Speaker Series will enhance PBG’s regular educational programming by offering a deep and broad learning experience.

Collection Expeditions

Botanists receive funding to collect plants from around the world, returning with seeds and cuttings for distribution and propagation. Collection expeditions are possibly one of the smallest and easiest programs to fund.

PBG has hundreds of national and international botanical connections who have offered plant specimens, cuttings and seeds for our collections.

This program will:

  • Increase the size of the PBG collection
  • Protect endangered and threatened species by giving them a backup location
  • Allow PBG to trade and distribute plants/seeds/cuttings with other botanical gardens around the world
  • Build connections with international communities