Continuing Education

We will offer a variety of regular classes and workshops to give people the opportunity to learn about a diverse spread of subjects. PBG will also serve as a hub for existing horticultural organizations, such as the Multnomah County Master Gardeners and other plant societies.


Our recreational classes and workshops will be designed for the passionate hobbyist. Topics will range from: growing and preparing food, garden and floral design, best-practice gardening, and pruning techniques.


Our vocational program will teach and train current and future workers in the horticultural, agricultural, and landscape industries.

Professional Development

PBG will provide local best-practice training and current research on sustainable products and techniques for local landscape and garden maintenance companies.

Corrections-Based Vocational Training Programs

As an equal opportunity organization, we will support the reintegration of inmates into the working world. We will hire inmates through a training program that is designed to teach both horticulture and team-building skills that are needed for future success.

PBG Certification

PBG will develop and implement a horticulture certification program that will serve as a training for biologists, ecologists, and others in the horticulture industry. Participants will complete a series of horticulture courses that comprise the certification program.