Plant diversity is in danger. So are our ecosystems. Every year more plants go extinct, some of which we never had the opportunity to discover. One of the main jobs of a botanical garden is to assist in the movement to conserve species and habitats through collection, propagation, display, and education. PBG will join other botanical institutions from around the world in the conservation conversation.

Land and Habitat Rehabilitation

We plan to work with local organizations focused on land rehabilitation and habitat conservation so we can use our resources and networks toward the greater good. Conservation is important for protecting our environment and the organisms living in it, so we plan to make significant service contributions in the region.

PBG’s Commitment

Conservation drives our motivation to build National Collections and go on collection expeditions. There are so many plants out there that aren’t cultivated because they’re not popular, easy, or flashy, but they’re just as important—if not more important—than their selected, garden-grown cousins. Protecting even the ugliest plant with the most inconsequential flower is crucial to maintaining balance in the ecosystems around the world. 

Additionally, our Speaker Series will feature voices working in environmental science, climate change, conservation, land rehabilitation, and more.