Commemorative Series

In 2022, we officially launched a commemorative illustration program. The series commemorates PBG’s incorporation. At the beginning of every year, we unveil that year’s theme, which is followed by the release of 12+ unique plant illustrations relating to that theme. Each month, a new design is unveiled and made available for purchase on a line of merchandise in the Garden Store. Each month is assigned a plant that relates directly to that time of year. We also use these illustrations on our website, stationary, and promotional materials.

Founders’ Day and Limited Editions

In addition to 12 designs per year, we will be celebrating Founders’ Day and major events special edition designs. The plants assigned to these releases will be tied to the month itself.

Founders’ Day – January 27th

Our Founders’ Day design celebrates the day of our founding in January. Since we release the January illustration within the first week of the month, we will release the Founders’ Day illustration during the last. This means that the second illustration each year will not be the one assigned to February. This Founders’ Day Edition illustration will be a unique or interesting plant that fits within that year’s theme, and its postcard will be available with a special background. No.0 is the exception to this rule.

Limited Edition

Our Limited Edition Illustrations will celebrate huge milestones such as major anniversaries, announcements, breaking ground events, and opening days. While still numbered using the same system, these designs differ from our normal offerings by truly being limited—they’re only available to be purchased for a short period of time. These will be unique, special, and very collectible designs that will still tie into that year’s theme.

Since the program was unveiled recently, all of the past designs will be made available as they are completed in sets of 12. Once we are up to date, they will be released as planned above. Thank you for your patience as we catch up!

We Support Our Artists

Our merchandise is priced the way it is because we share all of our profits equally with our artists. If you have any questions about how this works or if you are an artist and are interested in collaborating, please email our main office.

All designs are illustrated by Natalie Myers-Guzmán.