Communities are built around sharing and storytelling. But as time progresses and we move to more digital forms of communication, a lot of these stories either disappear or aren’t well documented. These stories must be preserved and at PBG we plan to do just that.

Writing it Down

We plan to use this section of our website to document the stories that are shared with us. Whether they’re about heirloom crops or a fig tree from your parents’ backyard in Pakistan, these stories are important to those who share memories of these plants. They’re also important to us because while PBG is about providing a space for education and conservation, it’s also about providing a space for common ground and connection.

Feels Like Home

For those who have moved to Portland from other parts of the state, country, or world, we have something for everyone. PBG will provide a platform to elevate community storytelling. We want to better represent you, your family, and your culture in the Garden, so you can feel more at home and connected with the community. Diversity and inclusion are important to us, and we hope that you’ll feel comfortable sharing your stories.