An Unaddressed Need

Portland is a young and vigorous growing city with a diverse collection of perspectives, nestled within a region of great natural beauty, diversity, and importance, but we have an accessibility problem. Many natural spaces are located just 30 minutes out of city limits, which gives residents unparalleled access to nature and wildlife. But while exploring these areas may be an easy task for able-bodied Oregonians and visitors with cars, for those who are disabled and less financially privileged, experiencing the region isn’t as easy. 

Seizing Opportunity

Our location and social landscape give us a unique opportunity to build a botanical garden that allows visitors to learn and experience the natural world and its connection to humanity, without leaving the city. PBG offers a completely different approach to urban green spaces that we haven’t seen in Portland. We’re bringing immersive, horticultural experiences right to your front door.

Prioritizing You

Early when we started down this track, we decided that if a project like this was going to succeed for our residents and communities it would need to include everyone. This was one of our most important core tenets. We believe that as a society, we need to make everything more accessible, inclusive, and diverse, because too many people are left behind in our current system.