Cultural Nights

PBG will host Cultural Nights by providing a space where diverse communities of Portland—and beyond—can gather to celebrate cultural traditions, stories, and each other. Giving communities the space to gather is an important step towards city cohesion. PBG will facilitate the invitations and logistics, and the communities and their leaders will determine the purpose and content of the event. This program will particularly benefit under-represented groups through the richness and tradition of cultural exchange.


Discounted days

We will make PBG’s collections, resources and experiences accessible to all economic brackets by offering widely advertised discounted days and other equalizing admission and educational programs. There will be discounted days that will be widely advertised in an attempt to be more inclusive to low socio-economic residents.

Corrections-Based Vocational Training Programs

As an equal opportunity organization, we will support the reintegration of inmates into the working world. We will hire inmates through a training program that is designed to teach both horticulture and team-building skills that are needed for future success.

Gender Neutral Design

Public spaces are often designed to prioritize men’s needs. We at PBG value the importance of gender consideration in thoughtful design. The world is not a “one-size fits all” space, and we will be conscientious of gender bias in our facilities and programming. PBG will be accessible and inclusive of all genders, so we will better serve our local communities and those beyond.


In addition to being a major community hub in Portland, PBG will be an international attraction. Making the campus accessible to international visitors will include public transit partnerships and multi-language audio guides.