PBG will not compete with existing public gardens in Portland, but rather it will complement them and act as an umbrella for all of local horticultural communities. PBG’s unique nature is found in a wide range of gardens, conservatories, extensive educational programs, and events. The construction of a high-caliber botanical garden in Portland will help us rise to the forefront of environmental education and stewardship world wide—PBG will be a national and international attraction.

Venue Space Usage

PBG celebrates Portland’s spirit of entrepreneurship as we host food trucks in the parking lot; local makers in the gift shop; and artists in the sculpture garden, art gallery, and iconic architecture.

While PBG will be a botanical garden recognized on the world’s stage, it is also quintessentially Portland.

Arts and Music

The arts and music programs will engage Portlanders and tourists in becoming even more involved in the cultural happenings of the city. Providing exposure and publicity for local musicians and theatre troupes fortifies the connection we have with the city’s communities.


Bot Bus

The PBG Bot Bus is a mobile herbarium and laboratory that brings PBG educators and plants in many forms, from places near and far, to communities all over Oregon. From pre-schools to high schools, from maker’s markets to festivals, we will inclusively share a sample of our rich collections to diverse populations.


Regardless of where we land, PBG will be an active member of its surrounding neighborhoods. We will include our neighbors in decisions that are made on the campus so they can be part of the Garden’s evolution.