Meet the strategic committees that are helping to create a better PBG. Each committee is composed of several passionate volunteers who want to help us launch and grow into the best version of ourselves. We believe that the best people for the job are those that are most qualified to do it, which is why each committee is made up of very skilled and experienced individuals who have unique insight into their field or industry. 

Please Note

The members listed under each committee are the current volunteers assisting in their department. Some volunteers have assisted on multiple committees, or have had to move on from their time at PBG. We want to thank those who have helped us in any capacity along the way. If you’re interested in volunteering, click here to learn more.


Michael Hyde – Director
Greta Binford 
Aaron Funderburk 
Tiffany Garner
Amanda Kelly-Lopez
Anne King
David Sandrock
Tiffany Schuster
Ann Wetherell

Land Acquisition

Kate Bodin
Brendan Doyle
Pat Frobes
Sean Hogan
John Miller
Sierra Gardiner
Eric Paine
Karl Rapfogel
Sadie Yudkin

Patricia Frobes
Charlie McCormick
Rich Hammond
Stoel Rives LLP


Barrie Cohen – Director 
Kim Megorden
Devon Simpson 
Teri Wadsworth

Public Relations

Barrie Cohen – Director
Tiffany Schuster


Dan Pogust – Director
Nicole Light – Director
Sadie Yudkin
Natalie Myers Guzmàn
Lauren Freeman
Ty Seely
Susan Langenes
Kyle Gillen
Roland Wu