Our Story

The Portland Botanical Gardens (PBG) was formed in 2020 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by a passionate group of botanists, conservationists, and horticulturists. Devoted to the creation of a community-serving botanical garden in the city of Portland, PBG’s mission is to bring plants and people together to provide an immersive space for knowledge, community, and collaboration.

Looking to the Future

The vision for PBG revolves around Oregon’s diverse landscapes and Portland’s celebrated culture of gardening. PBG imagines a centrally located garden accessible to all, composed with a mix of outdoor pathways, pavilions, and greenhouses to showcase Northwest botanical diversity, biogeographic exhibits, and endangered and significant plants of the world. Educational components include facilities to support research, learning, and vocational training.

Who is Involved?

PBG is led by Sean Hogan (Executive Director), with a core team including Matt Taylor (Project Director), Dan Pogust (Marketing Director), and Natalie Myers-Guzmán (Illustrator/Administrative Assistant). The organization recently moved to an office space in the Pearl District. PBG maintains a mailing list of more than 1,000 individuals and relies on a legion of volunteers and supporters. PBG’s eight-member board of directors is led by Karl Rapfogel (President), and is actively recruiting new leaders.

Where Will it Be?

On Earth Day 2024, PBG secured an option to purchase the 59-acre McCormick & Baxter Superfund Site at 6900 N. Edgewater Road in North Portland. The Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) gives PBG one year to conduct due diligence. PBG’s conceptual plans include the garden (pavilions, outdoor pathways, greenhouses, offices, research and interpretive collections), open gathering space (semi-public), and the Willamette River Greenway along the waterfront and public access to the longest stretch of clean river beach in the Portland Harbor.

Major Milestones

Opening a downtown office, growing its board and staff, and securing an option on this property mark major milestones in PBG’s continued development. Over the next year PBG will work with public agencies, neighborhood groups, tribal authorities, conservation organizations, and other stakeholders throughout the city to co-create a unique botanical garden with and for the residents of Portland. 

Celebrate PBG

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