PBG is on a mission to bring plants and people together to provide an immersive space for knowledge, community, and collaboration.


Portland Botanical Gardens aims to cultivate a community where people connect, discover, and celebrate the beauty, strength, and resilience of plants. In a city known for its gardens, PBG celebrates the diversity, resilience, and importance of plants, striving to create a collaborative, cooperative, and immersive experience for organizations and individuals in Portland, the United States, and across the globe. Built on the foundation of “nature for all,” PBG will be a leader in horticultural training, research, and environmental justice and equity. Through educational programs and innovative facilities and collections, visitors will get a unique glance into the planet’s diverse flora and the effects humans have on it for a one-of-a-kind botanical experience.


We believe in building and connecting communities through a mutual love of understanding and appreciating the natural world around us. Portlanders and Oregonians come from all over the world, from many backgrounds. We all have a lot in common, but we still have so much to share. One of the best connections is a greater understanding of the world around us and the humans that live in it.

We believe in celebrating each other as much as the world around us. This includes hearing and learning from each other’s perspectives and ideas, while making a world of knowledge widely accessible to everyone.