Meet the New PBG Brand

Since its inception, Portland Botanical Gardens (PBG) has always had a strong sense of identity. As we’ve grown through organizational changes and miles of progress, our brand has served as a reflection of our evolution. Now, we’re entering a new, historic chapter in the Portland Botanical Gardens story, and we’re ready for a fresh, elevated look. So welcome to the new and improved PBG brand.

Returning to Our Roots

When we discussed the prospect of a rebrand for Portland Botanical Gardens, one thing that kept coming up was the importance of native plants and native habitat protection, education, and restoration. When the McCormick and Baxter Superfund site was remediated, the land was repopulated with native plants to better rehabilitate the animal habitats that occupied the space. Our vision for PBG’s development will have a large focus on native plants and habitats. And as  a grassroots organization grown right here on the Willamette River, we’re excited to incorporate more local flora into our brand. 

Choosing an Oregon Icon

Our Marketing and Communications team compiled a list of 12 iconic Oregon native plants and narrowed it down to 2. From these 2, we settled on Fritillaria affinis, also known as the chocolate lily or checker lily, for our logo. Not only is this bulb an iconic and unique wildflower in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), but it’s also a foraged wild food. Choosing the chocolate lily as our new icon is the next step in the evolution of our organization as we seek to provide Portland, Oregon, the PNW, and beyond, with an immersive space for knowledge, community, and collaboration that is uniquely Portland. Even our color palette ties back to native wildflowers with a purple shade from Olsynium douglasii (grasswidow) and a yellow hue from Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon grape).

Image comparing colors of new PBG brand to Oregon native wildflowers

Looking Back at PBG Brands Gone By

Not many of you were around when our logo looked like an element on the periodic table, but everyone here now probably associates the green Passiflora with PBG. The iconic Passiflora logo was used in our branding as an homage to our origins and our proposal of hosting the largest public collection of passionflowers in the country. While this is still a vision of ours, our dedication to connecting with the local community and native wildlife will be one of our key focuses in the coming years.

Timeline depicting how the PBG brand has evolved over the years

Commemorative Series

The launch of the PBG Commemorative Series marked a step toward shifting our brand away from royalty-free, 19th century botanical imagery in favor of our own collection of illustrations. We’ve since implemented our own illustrations across the brand and throughout our webshop so you can own a piece of the PBG brand in the form of one of your favorite plants.

Selection of botanical illustrations from the Portland Botanical Garden Commemorative Series

Webshop Restock

The Commemorative Series took a short hiatus as we worked on other projects, but we’ll be restocking the webshop with American Desert Dwellers (2022) merchandise soon. Our Southeast Asian Tropicals (2023) series has also begun production, so stay tuned for those on social media!

Show Off the New PBG

Keep an eye out  as we slowly roll out our new brand across the organization! The old logo will be phased out, but all postcards from the Oregon Native Plants (2020) and Flora of the Western Cape (2021) commemorative series will feature our original Passiflora logo. If you want to purchase a piece of PBG history, you can head over to our webshop now and order them before it’s too late!